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  1. 当社は、国・地域においてお客様との契約に基づくセキュリティ義務による要求事項、情報セキュリティに関する法令、指針、その他の規範を遵守します。
  2. 当社は、「特許」「製造・販売のノウハウ」を保護するため適切な物理的セキュリティ対策を実施します。
  3. 当社は、経営者、従業員が情報セキュリティに関する重要性を十分に認識するように必要な教育・研修を実施します。
  4. 当社は、情報セキュリティの適切な管理・保護を確実に実施するための体制を整備致します。
  5. 情報セキュリティに関連する事故が発生しないよう予防に努めます。万一、事故が発生した場合は速やかに復旧措置を行うとともに、事故原因を分析し再発防止策を講じていきます。

Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policies of Komy Co. Ltd. (“Komy”)are defined as follows:

Komy is a company that develops original mirror products called Komy Mirror. Komy Mirrors are used in a wide range of industries with acceptance from convenience stores to aircraft companies. At Komy, our corporate philosophy is to advance the concept of joy with new encounters, creativity and trust in our business activities.

Komy recognizes the most important role of information security is to ensure that there is no data missing, no property loss, no system damage, and no unauthorized access of all available customer information, and information assets including information data and the systems.

Therefore, Komy shall effectively implement sufficient security measures for all personal data in information assets.


  1. Komy will observe security duties based on the contract with the customer and information security laws and regulations in the local country area.
  2. Komy will implement the plan of physical security measures to protect patent, and rights for know-how of production, sales and delivery.
  3. In order to meet these measures, Komy commits to implementing necessary education for managers and employees.
  4. Komy will consolidate the system of managing and protecting the information security properly.
  5. Komy will take preventative measures for issues regarding information security. If an unauthorized breach occurs, we will immediately determine the accessed system and will work closely with authorities to prevent such an accident from happening again.


2016年3月29日 March 29 ,2016

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